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The Value of Membership

We have derived significant value though our membership with the Council of Public Relations Firms. From professional development programming with world renowned thought leaders, to collaborative platforms that enable us to forge new business relationships and share industry best practices, the Council offers the opportunities and resources to help grow our business.

Bryan Harris, managing partner, Taylor
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    October 2014

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2014 Critical Issues Forum

This year’s Critical Issues Forum – The PR Genome: Mapping Our Industry’s Future – is not to be missed. Join us as we look at how the public relations industry is rapidly transforming and the disruptive forces that are shaping its future.

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Stepping Out and Speaking Up — Announcing The Council’s New Positioning

If you read Stuart Elliott’s piece in Wednesday’s New York Times, then you know our big news already: The Council of PR Firms is repositioning both itself and the PR industry. Despite some “behind the Times” references, the article unveiled an exciting development designed to enlighten clients—and especially CMOs and marketers—about the core strengths of…

Event Chair Graves

The PR Genome Project—A Report from This Year’s Critical Issues Forum

People so often sensationalize change, equating it with sudden and dramatic “revolutions.” But change can and does happen slowly and gradually—as evolution. This year’s Critical Issues Forum featured provocative discussions about where the PR industry is currently moving—what’s changing, and what core parts of our field are remaining more relevant than ever. As event chair…

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